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One of the most important things I’ve learned through the years I’ve been involved in baseball is the value of meaningful baseball instruction."

 Director of Operations

Vince Diaco

Director of Operations

Vince Diaco (a.k.a. Coach D) is a certified physical education teacher and coach in Connecticut. As Camp Director, he mentors and encourages players to be prepared and learn the importance of playing to one’s personal best; not just in baseball, but in life.

Coach D has attended and instructed at various schools across the country, and has devoted a lifetime towards baseball. He has coached baseball at the modified and high school level, and has offered private and group instruction since 1995. He partnered with the former Bridgeport Bluefish, American Minor League Professional Baseball team, to run their youth baseball camps. Vince is a great problem solver who will go the extra mile to help a player succeed.

His positive attitude, enthusiasm, and energy are contagious with players, young and old. He preaches, Standard practice gives you standard results Vince has worked with some of the greatest names in baseball, including Bob Feller, Harmon Killebrew, Tim Raines, Phil Niekro, Harold Baines, Fergie Jenkins, and many more. Our Staff is made up of certified teachers, college coaches, and college baseball players. We stress the importance of positive role modeling to ensure that each player reaches the highest potential and feel good about self.

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